Port Maitland Beach

I grew up in Port Maitland, and one of the things we always did, summer or winter, was head down to the beach. Admittedly, summer was more of a favorite season than winter, when attending the beach. But whatever the season, the beach calls to many of us in different ways.


Port Maitland beach is in a little village about 15 minutes from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and has a wonderful park with plenty of space for throwing the football around, or seating for groups and shelters for barbequing.

You can go for a long walk to clear your head, or talk with a best friend. Listen to the waves, or jump over the whitecaps at the waters edge.

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During 2016, a few people decided to make Inukshuks along the rocks all the way up the beach. Its a wonderful walk to look at them all, and see what people’s imagination have inspired. And maybe you’d like to make your own for display. We did. We couldn’t count them all, there were so many. Well over one hundred. Lets hope they survived over the winter.


As you can see from the photo above, there was even a rock-inspired pirate ship made from items that had washed up ashore.

Take a drive along the scenic route and visit Port Maitland beach when you can. During the summer months, Lifeguards are always on duty, and there are plenty of bathrooms available in the park. You might even want to take in the Family Beach Party, and build a sand sculpture, or have a game of volleyball or frisbee.

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Valuable Info: Packing

Holidays are a great opportunity to relax and unwind, but the thought of packing a suitcase often left me feeling the complete opposite. Over the years I’ve noticed how I had built a level of anxiousness over what to pack and this left me feeling overwhelmed or burdened by the task.

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Resort Review: Be Live Punta Cana


The Be Live Punta Cana was a beautiful resort. The resort is not far from the airport; about a 15 minute drive. Check in was super easy, and our room was lovely. Very clean, ground floor with a large patio, and a view of the gardens.

There is a gazebo by the pool where you can sit all day or evening, and watch the festivities. The entertainment in the early evening was fantastic. Great music, dance lessons, games and lots to see and do.


I attended an aquafit class in the pool in the afternoon, and it was lots of fun. Great dance moves and lots of laughs.

There are many little shops along a small boardwalk next to the lobby. They are part of the hotel, and there is lots of choice of many things to buy. Great deals on clothing and souvenirs as well. One of the souvenir shops was air conditioned and very friendly. It was a great place to go in during the max heat of the day.

The buffet was very large, and  the food was good. We met a couple of new friends from Russia, and had a few lunches with them.

The beach was beautiful, and there were many palapas. We had no problem getting one, even in the afternoon. We didn’t venture down the beach too much, but it looked lovely.


Roaming Free


Some people are content with their own surroundings, and find beauty in everything around them. Let me be the first to say that I love my surroundings, and wouldn’t give them up for the world; but one of the things that brings me back to reality in this world of social injustice, frustration, stress and fast living, is the fact that I can forget about all of those things when I travel. I pack my bags, and go without a specific plan, knowing that each morning I wake up, my new world is laid in front of me, and whatever my heart desires, I can make happen.

Let me also say that I am on a limited budget, and probably won’t get to see this whole wide world, but what I do have at my disposal is choice of where I can go today, and how I get there. What you do with your choices is up to you; but make the best of each day and enjoy wherever you go. Your world is your oyster.

The Beauty of Pilar

20160402_134128One of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, or likely, the world, is Pilar Beach. Pilar is located on Cayo Guillermo, one of the smaller islands off of, and connected to, Cuba. There are just a few resorts on Cayo Guillermo. If you’re looking for a restful vacation, this is definitely the place to be.

I, like most others, do like areas where there is an abundance of things to do, but every once in a while, I enjoy going somewhere that I can just relax, read a book, and soak up the sun without being on the go constantly. Now, keep in mind that there are things to do in Cayo Guillermo, including a Dolphinarium, the charming town of Moron, and a cute little market where you can pick up just about any gift for even the most discerning friend or family member.


Resort Review: Iberostar Daiquiri



Hotel & Location:  Iberostar Daiquiri,  Cayo Guillermo

Year Visited:  2016

First Impressions:  This is a beautiful resort. The ride was about an hour or so, and we arrived late evening. Check in was fairly fast and uneventful. Staff were very friendly and we had no issues.


Rooms: Bathroom was very clean, and we were very surprised to find a bidet! Shower and bathtub were in the bathroom, but I would recommend bringing a tub plug, as we couldn’t find one anywhere. The hairdryer was my only complaint; it looked like it was from 1945, and you couldn’t get enough of a flow of air to actually dry your hair, but thats easily accomplished by bringing your own travel dryer. It should also be noted that other rooms did have more modern hair dryers.


The resort lobby and relaxation areas are very clean and well-kept. You can sit in one of the couches and look out over the gardens, and the pool area. This provides a little shade on an otherwise scorching hot day.


There is a wonderful cigar shop open daily where you can find cigars, cigarettes, and liquor. Plenty of seating in the lobby, with a lobby bar that is always a happening spot each day and night. It should also be noted that we did not have any problem with noise at night. Our room was up from the lobby and we experienced no trouble sleeping.

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Beach:  The beach at Iberostar Daiquiri was absolutely fantastic. Very clean, and no problem finding chairs. There are piers that you cannot see from this picture, and you can walk out onto each pier (and there are many), sit in a lounge chair and just listen to the water. The water is crystal clear and lots of room for many people. I did attend a fitness class in the water; it was about 30 minutes and lots of fun. Make sure you bring a ballcap or hat of some kind, as even a half hour was enough for me to get slightly burnt. I guess I had so much fun, I really didn’t think about the consequences of the sun.


Food:  The food was basic buffet stuff, but lots of choice, and we always had a good meal. I can honestly say that I’m not big on food in Cuba, but I go for the beach. I was pleasantly surprised at the food at this resort. Tip: bring a bottle of curry sauce or something similar. It gets pretty bland, and that helps a lot. Leave the bottle with the chef when your vacation is over. They really do appreciate it.

The a la cartes that we did get a reservation for are pretty good. I had soup in the mexican restaurant and could have had another. The stew in the cuban restaurant was very good. would definitely recommend it. And the view right on the water was very nice as well.


Shopping: There are vendors on the resort everyday in the hallway area of the lobby. You won’t have to walk past them if that bothers you; I, however, really enjoyed them and visited them daily. I didn’t always buy, but its fun to look and to talk with them and ask them questions about their lives, and what they do.


Pool Area:  The pool is fairly small, but was clean. Pool bar was fun to visit. And there is a wading pool for the kiddies, and for cooling off your feet. Lots of chairs available as well. And there is entertainment. We didn’t catch a lot of it as we were constantly going to the beach, but people seemed to be very happy.


All in all, I would certainly go to this resort again, without a second thought. I loved it and had a wonderful time.

For more information, go to Trip Advisor and check out their reviews………or write one of your own.

Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center was much more than I had envisioned. There are smaller rockets outside, which were amazing to look at. Its hard to imagine all that has been accomplished over the years.


We got to look at a video, and when the doors opened, the Space Shuttle was on display. This one had actually been to space. The shuttle was opened up so you can see what the inside looks like. Its hard to imagine being in this, so far away from the earth. Gives a whole new perspective to how you look at your day. Or your home, for that matter.

Once inside, there is so much to look at, it will take hours to go through it all. There are many space suits that were used, and lots of information about them, and those who wore them.

The hands of the astronauts are also cast so that you can see them, and those famous men they belong to.

There is a huge rocket inside, which is housed in one of the largest buildings I’ve even been in. It is so massive, its hard to imagine that its real. And most of the men just stand there in awe for a long time. My husband loved it.


When we were finished, we were lucky enough to see a real rocket launch. This was not planned for us, nor for anyone else on this visit. We were all surprised and delighted. It was amazing to hear the countdown, and watch the rocket leave the earths’ atmosphere. A real treat.