New York, New York

All hail New York!  What a place!  If you want to feel like a cog in the wheel of life, go to New York City and become one of a million tiny pieces of the puzzle that is life in NY.


The above photo is the water feature in Columbus Circle at night. Surrounding it are about 4 entryways of traffic, or more, I forget. I just remember it was a stunning thing to see right in the middle of a concrete city. And its next to Central Park, another amazing piece of greenery and spendor in the middle of all that grey.


Central Park is so big, I didn’t even get to see it all. I could easily go back and see a different part each day, and still not see these places that I’ve already been to. Its hard to believe that you can be in the middle of the park, and it is so peaceful and quiet; and yet, outside the park is a caucophony of everything metal, human, and otherwise.


The above picture was taken as I was sitting down for a rest after coming out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; which, by the way, was the largest building I’ve ever been in in my life, and after 3 hours, I still didn’t get to even venture into the right side of the building. I started with the Roman Era, and didn’t even make it to the Midevil section. I was so tired, I had to save the rest for another time. When I went out, this great gang of guys was singing “My Girl”, and doing a fantastic job! One of the best things about New York City is that you can be anywhere, anytime, and you never know what kind of entertainment you’re going to see. It was awesome. And I loved it.

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One of the coolest things in the park was this bubble guy! The biggest bubbles you’ve ever seen. I had a hard time walking away from this guy. It was mesmermizing to watch the colors and shapes, and quite relaxing too.


I’ll leave you with this final thought. I didn’t know if I would go to the 911 Memorial, but I did decide to go. I waited in line and through security checks for over an hour. It was a fairly cloudy day with a little rain at times, and rather sad. When we got inside, there were plenty of people meandering about. We walked over to one of the memorials and as I was standing there, there was a woman standing in the same spot. Her hand was gently running over one name on the memorial. I watched her stare at the name, and thought, how said it must be to have to come to this place to visit the loved one you’d lost. My heart goes out to those who lost that day; may their loved ones be at peace, and may they find strength each day from a higher power.





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