Toronto Zoo

A great experience for those of all ages is the Toronto Zoo. We went to see the pandas, but got so much more!


The wait in line for the pandas is extremely long, and when we did get in, one was sleeping and the other one was in a position that didn’t warrant a good picture; so you won’t find any great panda photos here, unfortunately. I see that now they have a “panda cam”, so you can watch them all the time.

There is plenty to see at the zoo. Lots of really cool caves to walk through and into. And you really need to keep your eyes open. You never know where you will find something interesting.

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There are many places to eat throughout the park but make sure you hit up the bank machine before you go. There are machines on the property but you’ll pay a higher fee for using them.


Plan for at least a few hours to explore the zoo. It took us a few hours and I’m positive we really didn’t get to see it all, or spend time on things that we really enjoyed. We were kind of on a time schedule, and you really need the whole day. Make sure to pack a raincoat in a backpack. We got caught up in a downpour; luckily there was a little shack to duck into, but you never know where you’ll be when the skies open up.



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