Resort Review: Be Live Punta Cana


The Be Live Punta Cana was a beautiful resort. The resort is not far from the airport; about a 15 minute drive. Check in was super easy, and our room was lovely. Very clean, ground floor with a large patio, and a view of the gardens.

There is a gazebo by the pool where you can sit all day or evening, and watch the festivities. The entertainment in the early evening was fantastic. Great music, dance lessons, games and lots to see and do.


I attended an aquafit class in the pool in the afternoon, and it was lots of fun. Great dance moves and lots of laughs.

There are many little shops along a small boardwalk next to the lobby. They are part of the hotel, and there is lots of choice of many things to buy. Great deals on clothing and souvenirs as well. One of the souvenir shops was air conditioned and very friendly. It was a great place to go in during the max heat of the day.

The buffet was very large, and  the food was good. We met a couple of new friends from Russia, and had a few lunches with them.

The beach was beautiful, and there were many palapas. We had no problem getting one, even in the afternoon. We didn’t venture down the beach too much, but it looked lovely.



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