Port Maitland Beach

I grew up in Port Maitland, and one of the things we always did, summer or winter, was head down to the beach. Admittedly, summer was more of a favorite season than winter, when attending the beach. But whatever the season, the beach calls to many of us in different ways.


Port Maitland beach is in a little village about 15 minutes from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, and has a wonderful park with plenty of space for throwing the football around, or seating for groups and shelters for barbequing.

You can go for a long walk to clear your head, or talk with a best friend. Listen to the waves, or jump over the whitecaps at the waters edge.

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During 2016, a few people decided to make Inukshuks along the rocks all the way up the beach. Its a wonderful walk to look at them all, and see what people’s imagination have inspired. And maybe you’d like to make your own for display. We did. We couldn’t count them all, there were so many. Well over one hundred. Lets hope they survived over the winter.


As you can see from the photo above, there was even a rock-inspired pirate ship made from items that had washed up ashore.

Take a drive along the scenic route and visit Port Maitland beach when you can. During the summer months, Lifeguards are always on duty, and there are plenty of bathrooms available in the park. You might even want to take in the Family Beach Party, and build a sand sculpture, or have a game of volleyball or frisbee.

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