Roaming Free


Some people are content with their own surroundings, and find beauty in everything around them. Let me be the first to say that I love my surroundings, and wouldn’t give them up for the world; but one of the things that brings me back to reality in this world of social injustice, frustration, stress and fast living, is the fact that I can forget about all of those things when I travel. I pack my bags, and go without a specific plan, knowing that each morning I wake up, my new world is laid in front of me, and whatever my heart desires, I can make happen.

Let me also say that I am on a limited budget, and probably won’t get to see this whole wide world, but what I do have at my disposal is choice of where I can go today, and how I get there. What you do with your choices is up to you; but make the best of each day and enjoy wherever you go. Your world is your oyster.


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