Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center was much more than I had envisioned. There are smaller rockets outside, which were amazing to look at. Its hard to imagine all that has been accomplished over the years.


We got to look at a video, and when the doors opened, the Space Shuttle was on display. This one had actually been to space. The shuttle was opened up so you can see what the inside looks like. Its hard to imagine being in this, so far away from the earth. Gives a whole new perspective to how you look at your day. Or your home, for that matter.

Once inside, there is so much to look at, it will take hours to go through it all. There are many space suits that were used, and lots of information about them, and those who wore them.

The hands of the astronauts are also cast so that you can see them, and those famous men they belong to.

There is a huge rocket inside, which is housed in one of the largest buildings I’ve even been in. It is so massive, its hard to imagine that its real. And most of the men just stand there in awe for a long time. My husband loved it.


When we were finished, we were lucky enough to see a real rocket launch. This was not planned for us, nor for anyone else on this visit. We were all surprised and delighted. It was amazing to hear the countdown, and watch the rocket leave the earths’ atmosphere. A real treat.




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