Resort Review: Iberostar Daiquiri



Hotel & Location:  Iberostar Daiquiri,  Cayo Guillermo

Year Visited:  2016

First Impressions:  This is a beautiful resort. The ride was about an hour or so, and we arrived late evening. Check in was fairly fast and uneventful. Staff were very friendly and we had no issues.


Rooms: Bathroom was very clean, and we were very surprised to find a bidet! Shower and bathtub were in the bathroom, but I would recommend bringing a tub plug, as we couldn’t find one anywhere. The hairdryer was my only complaint; it looked like it was from 1945, and you couldn’t get enough of a flow of air to actually dry your hair, but thats easily accomplished by bringing your own travel dryer. It should also be noted that other rooms did have more modern hair dryers.


The resort lobby and relaxation areas are very clean and well-kept. You can sit in one of the couches and look out over the gardens, and the pool area. This provides a little shade on an otherwise scorching hot day.


There is a wonderful cigar shop open daily where you can find cigars, cigarettes, and liquor. Plenty of seating in the lobby, with a lobby bar that is always a happening spot each day and night. It should also be noted that we did not have any problem with noise at night. Our room was up from the lobby and we experienced no trouble sleeping.

20160329_100440 20160403_153002

Beach:  The beach at Iberostar Daiquiri was absolutely fantastic. Very clean, and no problem finding chairs. There are piers that you cannot see from this picture, and you can walk out onto each pier (and there are many), sit in a lounge chair and just listen to the water. The water is crystal clear and lots of room for many people. I did attend a fitness class in the water; it was about 30 minutes and lots of fun. Make sure you bring a ballcap or hat of some kind, as even a half hour was enough for me to get slightly burnt. I guess I had so much fun, I really didn’t think about the consequences of the sun.


Food:  The food was basic buffet stuff, but lots of choice, and we always had a good meal. I can honestly say that I’m not big on food in Cuba, but I go for the beach. I was pleasantly surprised at the food at this resort. Tip: bring a bottle of curry sauce or something similar. It gets pretty bland, and that helps a lot. Leave the bottle with the chef when your vacation is over. They really do appreciate it.

The a la cartes that we did get a reservation for are pretty good. I had soup in the mexican restaurant and could have had another. The stew in the cuban restaurant was very good. would definitely recommend it. And the view right on the water was very nice as well.


Shopping: There are vendors on the resort everyday in the hallway area of the lobby. You won’t have to walk past them if that bothers you; I, however, really enjoyed them and visited them daily. I didn’t always buy, but its fun to look and to talk with them and ask them questions about their lives, and what they do.


Pool Area:  The pool is fairly small, but was clean. Pool bar was fun to visit. And there is a wading pool for the kiddies, and for cooling off your feet. Lots of chairs available as well. And there is entertainment. We didn’t catch a lot of it as we were constantly going to the beach, but people seemed to be very happy.


All in all, I would certainly go to this resort again, without a second thought. I loved it and had a wonderful time.

For more information, go to Trip Advisor and check out their reviews………or write one of your own.


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